Semi-impressed with the trailer for the Hobbit. It still watches like a fucking Disney ride.


The tragedy of Macbeth

The Stay Vicious solo is fucking dirty and I love it.

The other guitarist in my band just got a fender 1x12 deluxe and I am fucking ecstatic as we are going to be fucking loud.



don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

This is really important

Anonymous asked:
Do you think those billy corgan pickups are really worth close to $300. Love my strat but it sounds like doodoo (I have '71 or '81 noiseless pickups in it)


No. And fuck Billy Corgan.

"When bands are like, ‘I’m such a deep artist, all my songs are deep’, it’s like, ‘come on, you are not’. You think about boobies just like everyone else."
Brian Fallon (via transistor-subsidal)